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Review Time!

Recently, I received a package from MedAmour with menstrual cups by Fun Factory and Bella's aqua d'amore CBD-infused lubricant. Here are my thoughts:

Fun Factory’s Fun Cups:

First, we'll start with the menstrual cups! I am fairly new to the menstrual cup scene, so this one was a little scary for me to try out. I have used disposable menstrual cups and tried out the Diva Cup, but did not have the best luck. The one thing that scared me about the Fun Cups were that they did not have a true tip to grab onto. They have a curved, pointed tip that you squeeze to "break the seal" before pulling the cup out. One thing I did not like about the disposable cups was the lack of a tip to pull them out; they were also flimsy and allowed for more opportunity to spill the contents when removing the cup.

When I received the Fun Cups, I opened them up right away. I chose to get the combo pack with size A and B so I could decide which was most comfortable for me and most appropriate for my flow. My immediate thoughts were all pleasant. The packaging was very pleasing and there was a full booklet with instructions on how to use the cups and extra tips for comfort. It really walked you through everything you need to know as a first time cup user or a veteran trying a new kind. The silicone was super soft and very thick, putting my mind at ease for any damage or leakage from the cup. It also came with a discreet carrying bag so I could always have my Fun Cups on hand without them just loosely rolling around my purse...(gross!).

The booklet showed pictures of folding techniques and tips for comfortable insertion. This was simple and the cup was very comfortable once inserted. It did not feel like anything was there at all. This is different from using tampons because I was always very aware when a tampon was in and for me it was always a fear of leaking, developing TSS or some other awful issue that a tampon can caused. I used tampons for about 12 years and was never comfortable on my period. Using the Fun Cups took all of these worries away. It did come with 3 new concerns, though.

1. I was worried that I did not create a seal properly and that I might leak through anyways.

2. I was worried that I would not be able to remove the cup since the tip was curved and thicker than other cups.

3. I was worried that when I tried to remove the cup, I would not break the seal properly and the suction would pull out my IUD (this is a valid fear and happens to people - there are ways to prevent it!!)

Because of the detailed instructions and tips that Fun Factory included in their packaging, all of my fears dissolved away. There are step-by-step instructions given on how to make sure you have created a proper seal and step-by-step instructions for breaking the seal and removing the cup. After reading about the curved tip, it explains that there is research behind it fitting your body more comfortably... and the research is CORRECT!! The cup holds more than you think (and you bleed less than you think) so I only had to dump it out once/day throughout the majority of my period (twice on heavier days). I was also able to sleep with it in and leave it in for an entire workday without worrying it would be there too long.

Overall, this was a very pleasant experience for me and I will continue to use these cups in my regular routine. The material and shape of the cup was very comfortable, but the support I felt I had from Fun Factory was the best part. I felt like I had someone walking me through the whole thing who I could ask questions to and they would answer. All in that cute little booklet!

Bella’s CBD-Infused Lubricant:

Now, onto that CBD-infused lubricant! This is something I’ve been wanting to try for a while. I’m a lover of CBD and a SERIOUS lube advocate. Being a Pure Romance consultant, I’ve tried many different lubricants, so I had high expectations for this. This is a water-based lubricant and is safe for use with condoms or toys. This also gave it a comfortable, silky texture with easy clean up. My biggest turn off with certain lubricants is a sticky feel that it hard to clean afterwards. Typically, water-based lubricants do not come with these issues as much as a silicone lubricant would.

CBD comes with many benefits of its own, the best (in my opinion) being an anti-inflammatory. Now, CBD lubricant is different from cannabis lubricant. There are certain products that still have the THC so as to relax the muscles and provide a more intense orgasm. This is slightly different from that as CBD does not have any THC in it. This lubricant can be used for many different reasons other that intercourse. The anti-inflammatory properties can provide comfort for those who experience vaginal dryness or discomfort throughout the day. It can also be beneficial if you experience pain or discomfort during sex due to scar tissue build up or other conditions. If you think you have a condition that might benefit, please do your research, ask your doctor, or feel free contact me with questions and I can point you in the right direction!

Though I am fortunate to not have either of the above mentioned conditions, I really enjoyed this product. I am a firm believer that EVERYONE should use a lubricant any time penetration of any form is involved. This could be anything from inserting a tampon to sexual intercourse. Whenever penetration occurs without proper lubrication, it creates little tears in your vaginal walls, creating scar tissue buildup. Enough of this can make sex very painful or dissatisfying in the future. This lubricant lived up to my expectations. It was comfortable, thin and felt very clean while still providing ample lubrication.

Overall, I was very pleased with both products and would absolutely recommend them to anyone who asks! If you would like to try either of these, visit and feel free to use code "Rhiannon" for $10 off your purchase!

If you have a product you'd like me to review, please contact me!

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